Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cherries, no longer just for pie.

I have a new love for cherries. Thanks to the Cherry Marketing Institute for sponsoring Kitchen Play's Progressive Menu this month. I now have a new fondness for all things cherry: dried cherries, frozen cherries, raw cherries and juiced cherries.

I've never tasted tart cherry juice until now - it is yummy! And did you know cherries are considered one of the "super-fruits"? This drink uses tart cherry juice and is a hit with children and adults alike.

U Try It created a Frozen Tart Cherrytini. I followed the recipe exactly and let me tell you, this is an extremely easy, spectacular drink to make and swallow. I love how she provided a non-alcoholic version as well.

Here is my Frozen Tart Cherrytini (please forgive my terrible photography skills!).

Did you notice?? NO CANNING JAR! I finally picked up some martini glasses! Fixed that problem didn't I? Now if any of you know of a food photography class, please let me know!

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