Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: All Things New by Lynn Austin

This was my first time reading anything written by author Lynn Austin and I was delighted with her style and the story.

All Things New is set during the time right after the Civil War. Ms. Austin does a wonderful job showing the difficult time of adjustment for each character in the book: the mistress and daughters of the plantation who have lost so much, the returning soldiers (Confederate as well as Union) and of course the Negro slaves suddenly turned freemen.

I especially appreciated the part of the story where main character Jo must decide to which authority she will submit: family, Southern culture or God. I enjoyed watching Jo's journey "back to God".

My favorite part of the story is the end where God's grace and mercy is shown through human hands and the Gospel is lived out and displayed to the lost son. I never tire of being reminded of God's grace and forgiveness.

Bravo, Ms. Austin. I would gladly read more of Lynn Austin's books.

A copy of All Things New was provided by Bethany House in exchange for my honest review, of which is entirely my own.