Monday, April 9, 2012

Italian Fish Stew

I have never-ever-in-all-my-life, made a fish stew. Until tonight.

I WILL be making it again.

The whole family devoured the fish stew. Next time I will double the recipe!

A whole-hearted thank you goes to AggieKitchen Play and the US Potato Board for introducing me to fish stew.

Here is our stew before we gobbled it all up:

I followed Aggie's recipe and it was delicious!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beef, Potato and Vegetable Pot Pie

The children and I feasted on THIS the other night. My husband is traveling a lot with his new business right now and you know how it is when daddy isn't home to cook end up eating fried egg sandwiches, raisins, yogurt and dry Cheerios most evenings!

So this was a treat:

I realize it looks more like a deconstructed pot pie and I suppose it is. In the original recipe, the biscuits are laid on top and baked. Since my diet right now is gluten-free, I decided to serve the biscuits on the side and I ate mine with a piece of toasted gluten-free bread. It was delicious. I think that the children actually preferred having the biscuit separate from the pie as a few of them love their biscuits with butter and jam.

This recipe is just one of many at the Kitchen Play Progressive Party sponsored this month by the US Potato Board. There is a wonderful giveaway and the deadline to enter is April 15th. So you still have time.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marshmallow Pops - fun on a stick!

The children and I made these marshmallow pops to take to church on Sunday. The idea comes from Savory Sweet Life where Alice makes Rocky Road Marshmallow Pops. I wanted to make ours kid friendly (not all children appreciate nuts) so we sprinkled ours with rainbow sprinkles.

We made almost 40 of these and put them in the freezer until we were ready to travel to church. At lunch, we put the small styrofoam balls down in teacups and it made a lovely display on the dessert table. All the children loved them, and maybe an adult or two as well! There were lots of chocolate smiles that afternoon.


We had hail on Saturday!

We couldn't believe it. The children were shoveling it and playing in it like snow!

Mashed Potato Casserole

It is such a privilege to be able to participate in Kitchen Play's Progressive Party. I learn so much each and every time I participate.

This month's sponsor is the US Potato Board. Ahhh! The lovely potato or should I say potatoes. Did you know there are 7 types of potatoes? See? I told you I learned something.

This Mashed Potato Casserole was quick to whip up and very tasty. I served it with top sirloin steak and a salad. This is a very impressive dish! All of my children were oohing all over it and saying, "WHAT is that Mom??" As impressive as it looks, it tastes equally good.

This can easily be made ahead of time and I think you should try it! Better yet, try it and join in the fun at Kitchen Play!