Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Country Livin'

I am always telling my children, "Just because we live in the country, does not mean that we have to act or look like country bumpkins." SO, it is with some reluctance that I tell you about my entry into Kitchen Play's Cocktail course of the January Progressive Party.

Introducing the Redneck Martini.

This is my version of Cooking With Books, Bloody Mary Martini.

I feel some explanation is in order. I desperately wanted to make this Bloody Mary Martini, but I had no dry vermouth or vodka or martini glass in the house. I try to be frugal by not making unnecessary trips to town (especially when I have to take 5 children with me) and let's face it...how would it look if the homeschool mom shows up at the liquor store and Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase said liquors and said martini glass, during school hours with her children in tow?? NOT GOOD. That is a newspaper headline just waiting to happen folks.

So, being the resourceful woman that I am, I called my husband to tell him that I needed dry vermouth and vodka for a martini recipe and could he pretty please pick some up on his way home from work. I didn't dare ask him to pick up a martini glass too, I mean, that would have just been pushing it a little too far don't you think?

My adoring husband heard martini and brought home gin and dry vermouth so I had to roll with that. So my only variations to this lovely cocktail is that I used gin, rather than vodka and a canning jar, rather than a martini glass! Don't fret - it still tastes wonderful! Oh! The other variation was that my celery had gone limp in the produce drawer so I had to string the Lindsay Olives on a wood skewer! I think the wood skewer compliments the canning jar just perfectly!


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