Friday, September 30, 2011

My sixth and final Kitchen Play entry.

I can't believe that I actually pulled off entering in each of the six courses at Kitchen Play. I usually only manage to try one or two of the recipes, but this month I was able to try all six! And you know what? It was tremendous fun!

My final entry is the appetizer course and I only slightly revised the Apple and Blue Cheese Tart. I used all the same ingredients, but put the pastry dough in muffin tins instead of on a pan. FACT: this is my first and only experience with filo dough. I think that I used too many layers of dough in each tin and personally, I'm a little unsure of the texture. Just a personal preference.

This month's sponsor is the U.S. Apple Association. A big thank you to them! Okay, now look at that beautiful hunk of cheese! THAT is Rogue River Blue Cheese wrapped in grape leaves. It is a reserve cheese that Whole Foods gets in only once a year. The are no words to describe this cheese, except that I can assure you that it is worth the price tag it comes with! And it paired really well with the granny smith apples.

Here are our Apple and Blue Cheese Tartlettes (I'm not sure what else to call them!).

Aren't they lovely little numbers?

You really should visit Kitchen Play and try these apple recipes for yourself!

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