Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Messenger, a review.

I used to read historical novels all the time, but after children, my life became busy and reading for pleasure was put on the back burner. The Messenger was a true pleasure to read. I found it to be historically accurate and was delighted to even learn some interesting facts about the Quakers and the Revolutionary War.

I enjoyed the author's way of alternating between the two main characters: Hannah and Jeremiah. It kept it interesting and helped to see the contrast in the two characters lives and the way that it affected their perspective of the war and of each other.

If you enjoy history, suspense and a good read, you will most definitely will enjoy The Messenger.

Bethany House Publishers provided me a copy of the book to review, but these thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. If you would like to review books for Bethany House Publishers, please feel free to contact them at

Happy reading!!

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